We offer software consulting services with a specialty in AWS infrastructure, big data, distributed systems, and the Java ecosystem.


Your business can benefit from us as a low-risk, flexible way to extend your in-house development or ops teams:

  • Profile and tune production workloads and databases to decrease opex
  • Modernize and simplify your CI/CD pipelines to drive feature velocity
  • Rapidly build web sites to streamline business processes

Some of our past work includes:

  • Improving the robustness of a high-availability ad tech service that handled millions of requests per day while also decreasing its operational costs
  • Training a development team on the big data ecosystem, including Spark, Presto, and Parquet
  • Increasing the throughput of the open source Stanford NLP part-of-speech tagger by 50-400%


In addition to general expertise on architecture, development, and testing best practices, we have recent experience with the following technologies:


Scala, Java, Python, JavaScript, expressjs, React, jQuery, flask


Postgres, SQLite, DynamoDB
including hands-on experience administering a multi-terabyte replicated Postgres configuration and implementing a C++ virtual table extension to expose Parquet files as SQLite tables

Big data

Presto, Parquet, Spark
including hands-on experience administering a multi-petabyte data lake


AWS IAM, AWS CloudFormation, serverless technologies, Jenkins, Fabric

We’d love to discuss your specific business problem and see if we’d be a good fit. Contact us at hello@code402.com.